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EXO || November drabble 'week' (day three); yifan gege & his canlie didi

2300w > krisyeol
day1 > day2 > day3 > day4 > ?? (p sure it's ambiguous gay something. cross your toes~)

kris & chanyeol grew up togeth- or rly, kris is stupid, chanyeol isn't

for idolkiller's krisyeol november week in which we write drabbles-that-are-2k-words-long-but-let's-still-call-them-drabbles-yay!!! (OR, frantic writing. yeah, we are very glamorous)

many many thanks to ~a cute black alpaca~ teeheehee i lubba u & wanna flopflopflop

Kris leaps into the elevator and frantically jabs the close button, but even that goddamn thing isn’t on his side. He stops abruptly when Chanyeol steps calmly into the elevator, not a strand of hair out of place. His hair is tucked behind his ears so that his adorable elfish ears are showing. “You know, Kris hyung,” he starts, patting invisible lint off his navy blazer, “if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were avoiding me. You didn’t dash to the lift when you heard me coming out,” he lifts his gaze then, amusement brimming in those wide eyes, “did you?”

Oh, run if you want to. I’d just pretend I’m letting my pet lion out for a run in the sandbox.

“Don’t be silly,” Kris bristles, giving the close button a punch and this time, the doors slide closed smoothly. He is speechless. Clearly, nothing must go well for Kris today. The descent of the lift is a muted sound in the background.

“I know right, it was just a confession.” Chanyeol grins widely at Kris, who proceeds to frown so hard his left eyebrow twitches.

Does Chanyeol dispense confessions on a daily basis?

“You fled-ok, ok, walked off too fast,” Chanyeol corrects himself when Kris looks like he’s about to protest, “Ajumma couldn’t catch you. She said to pass this to you.” A lunch box is handed over to Kris. “She specifically told me that I have a share so I will see you at lunch.” Because Kris and Chanyeol are both in their second year of university. Because Kris values his basketball games even more than schoolwork so he has repeated both his first year and second year once and is now in the same school year as Chanyeol. And because Kris has been avoiding Chanyeol during lunch breaks, like the mature twenty-two-year-old he is.

Narrowing his eyes, Kris snatches the lunch box over. “I’m too old to bring a lunch box to school.” The fact that they are neighbors is fast becoming an inconvenient fact unlike the romantic ‘we grew up together’ thing it used to be. “I told you, I have been busy with-“

“Are you too grown up to hang out with your childhood friend too? Yifan gege, the fact that I want to see your chest doesn’t give you the right to lord over me.” Chanyeol pouts and shakes his head regretfully, chastising Kris for his antics. Then he pushes metal-rimmed glasses up his nose and chuckles brightly, unable to hold his act together. Gege gets flustered so easily. The cutest giant.

Chanyeol always uses Yifan gege over Kris hyung when he’s exasperated. Like how he is now. It shrinks Yifan gege until he feels like he’s five all over again and three-years-old Chanyeol is still frowning over the coke he just spilled at the playground. “Yifan gege,” tiny Chanyeol sulked, “my cok-“

Chanyeol wants to see his chest?

“We used to bathe together when we were young, Chanyeol. You’ve seen my chest plenty of times.” Kris’ tone is biting because he’s not sure how to react when his little didi, the one he carried when he was just a wee little bab-

“Dropped, more like,” Chanyeol corrects him and Kris realizes that his brain-to-mouth filter has failed, but he ruthlessly continues to reminisce.

-y. Chanyeol, the little boy he used to babysit when-

“You burned my hair with a lighter when I was five,” Chanyeol comments dryly.

-nevermind, let’s skip this unhappy memory. Chanyeol, whom he kissed a couple of weeks ago because he was drunk and drunk people tend to do drunk clichéd things and they do it all the time in kdramas so why not in real life and goddamnit, why isn’t Chanyeol interrupting him this time? Why is Today being so difficult?

“It’s because I didn’t taste any alcohol when you stuck your tongue down my-“

The lift doors miraculously drift open at this exact moment and Kris almost whooped for the sudden burst of luck and he doesn’t flee, of course, how dare you think otherwise.

He merely strolls very fast.

Chanyeol winks at Kris’ retreating back.

Kris had removed Chanyeol’s glasses in a secret corner of the gym after a post-match celebration. His movements stuttered at the last second before contact because this was Chanyeol. Kris believed he had watched Chanyeol grow up rather than the fact that they had grown up together. But Chanyeol shifted and Kris’ lips landed where they initially intended to instead of Chanyeol’s cheek. It was exhilaration and trepidation at the same time and alarmingly, the kiss was much more explosive than Kris had ever thought it’d be and it was him who pressed Chanyeol against the wall and slid his tongue between Chanyeol’s lips. He panicked a little after the kiss.

That was two weeks ago.

Kris got a girlfriend.

That was a week ago.

A scowling Chanyeol cornered Kris and kissed him very fiercely.

That was a week ago, too.

Kris split up with his girlfriend.

That was still a week ago. Kris was an ass.

“I really like you, Kris hyung.” It was a whisper and if Yifan weren’t certain, he would have sworn Chaneyol had lowered his eyes coyly.

That was yesterday.

“The agenda of today’s meeting is to-“ Kris’ address to the basketball team is interrupted by Chanyeol. Again.

“Why won’t you be my boyfriend, Kris hyung?”

This is the present.

Lu Han picks it up immediately. “Some people are just so irresponsible,” he pouts regretfully and dribbles a basketball which suddenly flies out of his hands and into Yixing’s face. Suavely, he flicks his hair back and says smoothly, “That was deliberate and in no way a direct consequence of my terrible basketball skills.”

“-announce the sacking of the team’s point guard. Thank you for all your fouls and weak attempts at pretending to know how to play basketball, goodbye, Lu Han.” He nods at his point guard who just sulks in cute anger at him. They are all gathered in the basketball court after class to discuss the fair that is to be held two days later.

“He’s right, you know,” Chanyeol sticks his bottom lip out, “you can’t just lead me on like that.”

“Did you really do that, Duizhang?” asks Zitao worriedly, concerned about the welfare of the basketball team’s manager.

“He did.” Chanyeol wobbles his lips at Zitao and the forward is appalled by the callousness of his basketball captain. Has all his worshipping of Duizhang been in vain? He’s going to un-scratch the ‘kris so shuai❤!!!’ he has scratched onto his desk this very day.

“I didn’t.” The retort is fierce and immediate.

“Did too,” Minseok chirps. Kris slices the pau open with a sharp glare.

“He kissed him, I peeped,” Lu Han whispers loudly (/he shouted/) and there’s a collective gasp from the team.

”Heartless,” Jongin quips from the sideline.

“Shut up, Waterboy,” Kris snaps and Lu Han coos while he strokes Jongin’s hair in an attempt to soothe him. It’s true that Jongin is so horrible at basketball that he can’t even pretend to play it like Lu Han. So he hangs around his boyfriend by pretending to care about hydrating the team instead.

Ever the sensible one, Yixing massages his bruised nose and says tiredly, “You both like each other, what’s so hard about a happy ending?”

Kris looks like he’s about to deny this but then Chanyeol sighs, “Yifan gege.”

And Kris clams up. Just like that. Because he isn’t ready to admit this either.

In clichéd fic fashion, Chanyeol falls sick the day before the freshman fair. Chanyeol’s mum lets Kris into the house and leaves for a trip to the supermart after telling him to take care of Chanyeol.

Kris makes his way into Chanyeol’s room like the regular visitor he is. Well, the regular visitor he was. Discreetly, he slips in and discovers a sleeping Chanyeol. It’s nice to avoid confrontation for a while so he pulls the computer chair over and settles into it at Chanyeol’s bedside. The blanket is drawn up to Chanyeol’s chin and a small scowl is caught between his brows. Leaning over, Kris presses their foreheads together and robs heat from feverish Chanyeol. Like how they did many years ago, imitating the small people trapped inside the television. But Kris is no longer five years old and he doesn’t want to ask himself why he’s doing this when the thermometer is lying on top of the bedside cabinet beside Chanyeol’s specs, as quiet as his heart. Sometimes you just want to be kinder to yourself, but don’t keep your back turned for too long a time, you might miss someone’s tears.

Chanyeol wakes up when the sweep of Kris’ eyelashes tickles his closed eyelids. Kris’ presence is all too familiar, through twenty years of practice for that one perfect moment, which is still taking its own sweet time to round the corner. His lips curve but he stays still. A few seconds later, Chanyeol feels a soft pressure on his cheek. So warm and fleeting. And it makes Chanyeol sad because he wants it to last. But he seeks solace in the gratification of the kiss and forgives Kris a little. For a while, he continues feigning sleep before finally stirring awake.

His hyung still has that confused look on his face when he wakes and Chanyeol cannot help but reciprocates with a sleepy grin.

“You like me,” he rasps out, sore throat causing his voice to be as hoarse as your regular cheeky gramp’s.

Frowning, Kris inclines forward in his seat and jabs the thermometer into Chanyeol’s mouth.

Chanyeol chokes and jumps up from the bed because not too long ago, that thermometer was still tucked snugly in his right underarm.

The day of the fair.

“So, we recruited zero new members,” Chanyeol summarizes while Kris packs up the booth.

“We wouldn’t need to do this if you’d just become the power forward,” Kris huffs and stacks some chairs up. Chanyeol had refused to join his team in middle school too, choosing to be in the ferret club instead. Kris had even helped him babysit Molly before.

“Ah, but that’d be one less thing to threaten you with.” The team’s manager smiles and rights the glasses perched perfectly on his nose. Kris suspects Chanyeol is just trying to establish an air of superiority around him. He is wrong; Chanyeol never needs to do that when his hyung is always nodding to his requests with varying degrees of reluctance. Kris side-eyes Chanyeol - who just widens his grin until two rows of teeth are showing - still unable to get over what happened earlier.

“You are like twins,” the first year stammered when he wandered up to their booth.

Kris widened his eyes in horror because it was true, he was robbing from his own cradle. His own didi.

“Oh, really? Thank you,” Chanyeol drawled when he spotted Kris’ reaction.

When they are on the way home, Chanyeol eventually answers what Kris hasn’t asked for the longest time. “I have finally decided that we shouldn’t be apart anymore.” Chanyeol's smile attempts to be flighty and nonchalant but it’s no good. Chanyeol is just so bad at secrets. The smile widens until Chanyeol’s secret is scrawled all over his face. I love you, he says, without words and without meaning to.

“We are always together, Chanyeol.” There’s resignation in Kris’ tone.

“We aren’t. Not like this.” Chanyeol doesn’t elaborate what ‘this’ mean. But Kris has a good idea what ‘this’ might be. Perhaps that time when he was eighteen and decided it might be good to put some distance between him and Chanyeol because it had started to feel different when Chanyeol leaned on his shoulder as they shared a novel. That afternoon had been very quiet, except for the fan stirring heated summer air. Chanyeol snuck a peek at him from under lashes heavy with what seemed to be hope and Kris’ eyes wandered around Chanyeol’s bedroom before they eventually landed back onto words that suddenly ceased making sense. They never talk about this again because people just rarely talk about things that matter. But Kris stopped visiting a lot after that. Maybe it matters too much.

In essence, it is that while Kris is still trying to get over the fact that he might kind of like his didi, Chanyeol is already convinced that he’s in love with Kris. It isn’t as if he were the one who fell in love first but Chanyeol relinquishes his victory anyway, when he closes the last few centimeters that Kris is hesitant over and takes his hand.

“Canlie didi,” Kris laments as he watches Chanyeol lace their fingers together and smile softly at him. He always uses Canlie didi when he’s feeling lost. Like that time when he was eight and ran away from home after a petty squabble with his mum and little Chanyeol had to go fetch his sobbing big brother home from his hiding place under the slide in the playground. Always guiding Kris back to where he belongs, where Chanyeol is.

“I have no idea how you survived the first two years of your life when I wasn’t around.” The pull on his hand is strong and reassuring. Chanyeol ties Kris to him.

“Honestly, Yifan gege, you can’t live without me,” Chanyeol coaxes and Kris finally trips awkwardly into his waiting arms. They've hugged many times before but this is different. Kris knows this when he whispers the words Chanyeol wants to hear into his ear. The corners of Chanyeol's lips are tugged all the way up and with his awful voice, he begins to hum a tune they both know. They've only waited twenty years for this moment.

Yifan gege and his Canlie didi. Although sometimes, Chanyeol isn’t sure who wears the gege pants in this relationship. Canlie gege has a nice ring to it. He’s pretty sure he can make Kris call him that if he pouts with just the right amount of adorable.

gege > 哥哥 > older brother
didi > 弟弟 > younger brother
shuai > 帥 > handsome
canlie > 燦烈 > chanyeol's name in hanja. pronounced in chinese

edit> hey, it's not my problem if your brain insists on reading it as 'cock' (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵) -> sleazy emoticon lol ._.
Tags: all these shipper tears ;e;, 亦凡哥哥和他的燦烈弟弟

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  • special shorty

    8200w > xingbaek baekhyun misspells names like your typical barista. and if he renames people, well, it’s probably time for a new name anyway.…

  • wips that are never going to be completed, tbh

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  • wip thats never going to be completed, tbh; coded

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